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  • Peter O'Sullivan

Changes at Carne - the new Kilmore 9

Finally got the chance to visit Carne again to see & play the new Kilmore 9 and fully understand the changes as they affect visitors. While Carne remains my favourite golf course in the world I can't honestly say I believe the changes made are for the better.

The Kilmore 9

The idea of an additional 9 holes at Carne has been mooted for nearly 20 years and various attempts have been made over the years to create them. In fact there were 9 holes 'ready for play' about 2012 but eventually they were allowed to return to nature.

The Kilmore 9 finally opened for play in 2018. However the management at Carne decided that in order to showcase the new 9, Carne would have two 18 hole courses. One course is the Hackett Links, the original 18 Eddie Hackett designed holes that is considered by many as the best in Ireland. The second course is known as the Wild Atlantic Dunes and consists of the stronger back nine from the original Hackett course together with the new Kilmore 9 -- but confusingly and frustratingly with a twist.

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